how to change a needle on a computerized sewing machine

Everything in and around you are changing and everything gets updated in every seconds and it is an easy task for you to learn a lot of new things within a short span of time. If you are really interested then you can know how to change a needle on a computerized sewing machine easily. Before you are going to change the position you must know all the different position through which the sewing machine works.

  • It can position in the left, right and in the centre which would give the complete finish for your each stretch.
  • You can use the different buttons that are available in the computerized sewing machine for changing the needle and for performing the other operations.
  • If you are confused and choose some other button then the machine would get injured and it would stop all it works.
  • You must only use the sewing machine needles and not the other temporary needles for completing your works.
  • Try to avoid the blend needles which would cause injury and spoil the entire work and for you it is a waste of time.

You can cross check the needle two to three time before you are going to start the work by using that needle. Place the needle over the flat surface and check them in all the available direction in order to test its fitness in use.

It is easy for you to monitor the entire action which is taking place in your sewing machine

Press the needle position button to raise the needle and press the button which is available for this and if you had applied then you can use the screwdriver. By using the screw driver turn in front and loose the needle and then you have to remove the needle entirely from the machine. Then you have to replace the new needle in the place where you had removed and now you have to check that the needle facing the back and insert the new needle by viewing the window and finally tighten the screw. When you are doing this process you must handle with care and do all the work slowly and safely because a small damage would create a great loss for you. After all the setting over then it would be ready for you to use and you can start working in your machine as fast as before and start earning more money. When you learn how to change a needle on a computerized sewing machine and this would be helpful for you to do all the changes whenever you are in need and through this you could able to save your time and your money and get benefited. Learning something new is always an interesting task which makes you strong enough to do all the new things and you would be an expert in the particular field.